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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Shh! I'm Sleeping!

Reasons why this blog has gone relatively quiet again:

1. I'm applying for two jobs today -- fingers crossed!

2. I'm preparing this week's Big Blogger post for my other blog, TV Is My Life (which will probably be up tomorrow, Thursday, because I need to report on Big Brother's surprise mid-week eviction tonight).

3. There's some 'stuff' I have to take care of in my real life.

4. The above point is intentionally vague, but the 'stuff' it's referring to is quite time-consuming (although not worrying or 'a big drama', so there's no need to be concerned or anything), so it deserves two spots on this list.

5. I'm trying to plan Wifey's baby shower (which is just two weekends away and not everyone has RSVPed).

6. [There is no number six.]

7. Wifey and I are off to Sydney this weekend. More on that when I return.

8 When we come home from Sydney, my Dad and brother will be accompanying us to help me paint the rest of the house throughout next week (you may recall that my father-in-law helped me paint a few of the rooms a month or so ago). Family labour is both cheap and free.

9. I'm also trying to finalise plans (and questions, obviously) for a Trivia Night I'm hosting next month.

10. This is not a planned hiatus, but it's very likely that you may not hear from me on either blog for up to two weeks. If this is the case, never fear: I will return.

11. Some posts (such as the Big Brother and Big Blogger ones on my TV blog) may be back-dated so they appear to have been posted on certain days. This is just to give the illusion that I had all the time in the world and was on top of the latest Big Brother developments as they unfolded, and so the Big Blogger storyline can continue to be told "in real time".

I hope that's okay with everyone. :) I may not even be able to check for (and approve) comments for a little while, but I'll pop in whenever I can.

In the meantime, stay well, stay funky, stay fresh, and just stay. I look forward to catching up on everyone's blogs after everything here dies down a little.



Monday, July 24, 2006

BEVIS Coat Of Arms

Back off. I'm in with the king.


Thursday, July 20, 2006

Hot Mama!

This photo is about four weeks old (Wifey will be 30 weeks pregnant on Sunday, but pictured here she's around 25 weeks), but it still pretty much proves my point.

Whoa, mama!

What a hot pregnant babe, eh?

Note the angelic glow.


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I'm Against Natal Classes

Last Saturday (and the Saturday before that) Wifey and I set out at the ungodly hour of 8:30am to attend antenatal classes. Two Saturday sessions of four hours each.

Things were motoring along well until the instructor (Geraldine) broke out her horror video collection.

The first one was okay, although the single shot of the baby beginning to poke its head through looked gross enough.

After that video had screened, Geraldine said, "Okay, we've just watched a birth that went really well and had no complications. Now let's have a look at one that doesn't go very well at all."

We all groaned.

The second video contained such images as I never want to see again as long as I live. Only kidding, it wasn't that bad.

Except the bit where the doctor casually sliced the mother so the baby's head could fit through. That bit was a little off-putting. But hey -- that's what happens, eh.

Six things I learned at antenatal classes:

1. Ewww.
2. Oh, yuck!
3. *vomits*
4. Blech!
5. That's disgusting.
6. I'm glad I'm a man.

So all-in-all it was a very educational time. Something else I learned was that (for once; and this will surprise those of you who know me in real life) I wasn't the biggest smartarse in the room.

*dramatic chord*

I know; it's amazing, isn't it. There was a guy there called Frank whose wife was constantly dropping her head in shame and embarrassment while he made jokes and laughed with pretty much just the other guys in the room. On a couple of occasions (when he'd made too many jokes in quick succession), she snapped at him and yelled, "Frank! That's enough!", which worked for about half an hour until he started up again.

Not being the lead jokester in the room left me feeling very out-of-place. It was an alien sensation and I didn't know what was expected of me. I felt lost and unsure of my place in the world. Sure, I still made a couple of hilarious comments, but no one else approached the level of 'wrong comments' that was set by Frank.

One golden moment was when Geraldine asked the fathers-to-be in the class who was going to be The Ideal Father. I put my hand up and said in a tone that implied it would be no hassle at all, "Yep. Me." Geraldine asked how I was going to do that, and I replied nonchalantly, "Oh, I don't want to reveal my secrets to everyone, sorry."

I think it loses something when it appears in print, but when delivered just right, I assure you it was very funny. (Ahem.)

In summary, if there's ever a next time, I'm going to bring along some popcorn for the bit where she pops her videos in the VCR (but I'll be watching the faces of the people around me for my entertainment). I'd just better not be out-smartarsed again.

I had fun, though. It's an experience all expectant parents have to go through. The whole thing is very rewarding and leaves you feeling more sure of what's to come and that you're prepared and capable of dealing with whatever nasty surprises might be waiting for you around the corner. Also, they supplied a free lunch before we left, so I stuffed my pockets with jam doughnuts and took off.


Monday, July 17, 2006

I Didn't Get It

I just heard back about the job interview I had on Friday. I wasn't successful, but the guy was full of praise about me. Apparently I'm over-qualified for the job (and even though I'm an overly-paranoid person, I really don't think he was simply feeding me a line). He was a great guy and I would have enjoyed working for him. But oh well. I'm not too upset because I'm not too surprised. As I said on Friday, I got the impression they had someone else in mind (or that I wasn't the 'right' person for the job).

Next on the cards is another editing job Riss brought to my attention, so I'll tackle that this week and see what (if anything) happens.

I'm also keeping my ear to the ground in other areas, so all is not lost yet. But time is certainly running out before Wifey gives birth if I'm to be bringing home the paycheck by then! Not to mention all the bills and debts piling up. It's never pretty being out of work, is it.

My apologies for this rather sullen post. I have many other exciting things to discuss in the next few days, so hopefully things will be a little more positive tomorrow. (Not that I'm exactly negative or depressed today, though. I'm fine.)

And as for the Big Blogger 'weekend twist' post, that never happened. Sorry about that. Everything's a little crazy inside my head at the moment, but I'll get to it as soon as I can. For those of you interested. Yep, both of you. :)



Friday, July 14, 2006

Psst - Big Blogger Week 2 Is Up!

I just got back from my job interview. It went well, but I think they've got someone else in mind.

That's life, I guess. We'll wait and see what happens, though. The important thing is I was happy with how I went, so I won't be beating myself up about something I said or did if I don't get it.

Thanks to those of you who left a comment or sent me an email about it; your advice and support were greatly appreciated!

Although my blog hiatus is over, I won't be posting here again for a few days. In the meantime, you can read Week 2 of Big Blogger.

What? You don't know what Big Blogger is? Where've you been for the past month?!

It's my EXCEPTIONALLY BRILLIANT parody of Big Brother, obviously. But set online, featuring those lucky bloggers who 'applied' while they had the chance. I'd love you to read it and let me know what you think (mainly because I spend so much time writing it!).

Why not start at the very beginning? (It's a very good place to start, according to the rumours.) I asked for applications here, and the first official episode was posted here. I then left this note for the Housemates who'd been accepted into the House, and - BANG! - it was time for Week 1 (the first two evicted Housemates). Last night saw Week 2 (the third evicted Housemate) being posted. Sorry to those of you who are out of the House already!

But the fun doesn't stop there. At some point over the weekend, I'll be adding the first of a series of special 'TWIST' posts to the Big Blogger story, so make sure you check that out as well.

My advice to you is: Enjoy the ride while it lasts. I daresay that if-and-when I find a job, the posts will be cut in size quite dramatically!


Thursday, July 13, 2006

Nervous Anxiety Sucks

I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon at 2pm. I have no idea how I'll go, as I haven't had many in my time at all. Also, I really can't tell if I have a good chance at landing the job or not. So I'll just summon all my strength and give it my best shot. You never know.

But in the meantime, the 'wait' takes its toll.

Nervous? Me??







Monday, July 10, 2006

The Four Year Itch

So they say that the 'seven year itch' has been reduced to four in today's society. Who says? Just 'them'.

Well, Friday was the day Wifey and I celebrated our four-year anniversary. No itching or scratching was present, which is good news.

More good news is we don't even keep any Aeroguard in the cupboard 'just in case'. So we're not even anticipating any itching or scratching. Things are great.

Also, yesterday marked Wifey's 28th week pregnant, and she still looks as gorgeous and sexy as she ever has. Pregnancy really suits her. She's stunning. (Yes, I'm biased, but I'm also entirely smitten -- and you pretty much have to take my word for it.)

What did we do to celebrate four years of wedded bliss? To start with, upon waking, I sang her the song I wrote and performed for her at our wedding (this is an annual event, and lyrics in the song even promise that I'll sing it to her "each year on this day" [cue nausea]). Then we went shopping in our local shopping centre. Myer and Kmart were the stores of choice (both had big toy sales on, you see, and we wanted to get some gifts for the baby). We followed that up with a movie. Naturally, we made sure it was a romantic flick, to suit the occasion.

And despite some of the reviews I've seen, I quite enjoyed Superman Returns. I'll probably post a review with my thoughts on the film over the coming week.

In fact, I have quite a few things I feel like posting about (that aren't related to television), so I guess we might as well declare this little 'blog hiatus' thing over. I wasn't very successful at staying absent or quiet for very long, anyway!

So I'll be speaking to you again before very long, and hopefully enough of you are still checking this blog to see if I'm back.

Many thanks for all your understanding during my recent 'down time'.


Monday, July 03, 2006

Coldplay Tonight

(I know, I know -- I'm not very good at this 'blog hiatus' thing, am I!)


I just wanted to touch base and let you know that Wifey and I are off to see these guys tonight at Rod Laver Arena:

I bought Wifey the tickets as part of her collection of Christmas presents back in (not surprisingly) December. She was delighted at the time. But then again, we didn't realise that within ten days we were going to fall pregnant.

It turns out that Youth Group is the support band, which is pretty cool. Wifey likes some of their work as well.

I'm not sure how much I'm going to enjoy the night, seeing as I was up late last night trying to send a job application through on email (which didn't go through) and then up again early this morning trying again (it still didn't go through until 11:30am). So I'm pretty tired ... and I'm not really a fan of either band. (I don't mind either band's work; I guess I'm not really much of a 'concert' guy.) Wifey, now six months up the duff, may also feel less than 100% by the time we get there.

But I'm sure the performances will snap us out of the dolldrums and we'll have a great time.

At least I hope so.


We now return you to your regularly-scheduled blog hiatus. Frequent updates will continue at TV Is My Life in the meantime.


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Let's Party!

Woo-hoo! Happy New Financial Year, everybody! Let's get really drunk and compare our bottom lines!

This blog is still technically on hiatus, but there's loads more stuff going on at my new TV blog. The link is on the right.

Cut sick -- you know you want to.