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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Sweetums Update # 6

Since the last Sweetums Update, things have been progressing well. The little guy is now kissing our faces (even making a soft 'tt' sound with his tongue to emulate the 'smack' of a real kiss - he copies the noise because that's how it sounds when we kiss his face), and whenever we wave at him and say, "Bye-bye, Sweetums!" as he's being taken out of a room, he waves back and smiles.

His waves are full-on waves (his whole hand really goes to town on it, and sometimes his whole arm gets involved as well), and he gets really excited - although that's probably due to the over-the-top reaction his waves get from us.

But perhaps most thrilling of all (particularly for his adoring – and adorable – parents) is his recent decision to engage us in conversations. It doesn’t matter (to him or to us) that the conversations make no sense; the point is that he’s communicating with us and is so earnest about it. With his eyes wide open, his arms gesturing about wildly and his voice raise in excitement, he babbles incoherent thoughts at us as if he’s telling us the most important and intense story ever told.

It’s lovely.

The fact that he’s so eager to talk to us and is wholeheartedly enthralled in his own storytelling is beautiful; the notion that he thinks we understand him is wonderful; and the idea that he will one day learn to speak in proper sentences to better get his thoughts across is sobering.

What if he decides to never shut up?!!

The fact of the matter is that Sweetums is currently staying with Wifey and my outlaws “down the coast”, while Wifey conducts her three weeks of rounds. I miss them. I’ve spoken to Wifey each night on the phone, and heard Sweetums babbling in the background, but all his precious photos on my screensaver at work make me a little teary because I miss him (them) so.

They’ll be back for the weekends, but three full working weeks without them is an interesting notion. Sure, it’s great to revisit my carefree bachelor days (ie, I won’t be cleaning up after myself until Friday night), and the full night’s sleep has been a shock to my system, but I’ve also grown accustomed to arriving home from work in time to give Sweetums a ‘Daddy cuddle’ and a bath.

I should also point out that I’ve taught him to beat his palms on the tray of his high chair to the tune of the following chant: “Where’s my dinner! Where’s my dinner! Where’s my dinner!”

Wifey thinks it’s hil-ar-i-ous



At Thursday, June 07, 2007 8:01:00 am, Blogger Colls Bolls said...

What if he decides to never shut up? Welcome to YOUR parent's life!

Thanks for the update. With my lot now so grown up (tennagers) it's lovely to get a glimps of the delights of early parenthood.

At Thursday, June 07, 2007 11:55:00 am, Blogger Javatari said...

We had both the little angels crying at various hours of last night. While not a usual occurrence it was made all the more enjoyable by the fact that I've been sick all week....actually, you can borrow my wife and kids for a couple of weeks if you're lonely! ;p

At Friday, June 08, 2007 3:27:00 pm, Blogger gigglewick said...

So cute. Except for the bashing on tray bit. Which, take it from me, will backfire on you some day.


More on do i have to....


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