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Friday, June 20, 2008

I'll Get My PhD For This

Guess what? I'm a published author!

I wrote something that was recently published in one of the following magazines. You have to guess which one it was:

A) Empire Magazine

B) Better Homes & Gardens

C) Dolly

D) Business Financial Review

E) Playboy

F) Guns & Ammo

G) TIME Magazine


I) Muppet Magazine (specifically this one; a Christmas edition featuring PeeWee Herman)

J) The Biggest Loser Weight Loss Planner Prevention Guide

K) Floral Design

L) Texas Monthly

M) Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel Magazine

N) Woodcarving Illustrated

O) Men's Health

P) People Magazine (the US version; not the smutty Australian mag by the same name -- because as you can see, the US version is entirely without smut)

Q) Bridal

R) Laughter Magazine

S) Beatles Unlimited Magazine

T) Computer Shopper

U) Metal Pages

V) Circus Photo Magazine

W) That's Life!

X) Model Airplane International

Y) Hot Rod (from December 1967)

Z) The Goonies Souvenir Magazine

Well, as much as I'd love it to be a few of the above, and despite some of them being very likely, the correct answer was the first one, EMPIRE magazine. Not the edition depicted in this photo, but one of the recent editions. If you're really keen and you have some of the recent issues, you could try scouring the pages for my name. (But what a waste of time for so little pay-off!)

Anyway, the thing is this: I won a cap for my efforts (hold me down, I think I'm going to convulse with excitement over winning a cap) ... however, the letter I received with the cap said: "Congratulations on winning this awesome DVD".




At Tuesday, July 22, 2008 9:17:00 pm, Blogger Magical_M said...


There was a Goonies MAGAZINE???

I had the t-shirt. I had the book. I had the poster on my wall. I had all the articles from Teen Beat and Tiger Beat and all the other American teen magazines I spent my pocket money on as a teenager.

But I didn't know there was a specific Goonies magazine!!!

How did I not know this?

Oh and I'm very disappointed you weren't published in it too.

But snaps for Empire! Wear your cap with pride.

At Wednesday, July 23, 2008 4:48:00 pm, Blogger Melba said...

good work bevis. also has anyone else commented on item p? that's not a for-real cover is it.


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