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Thursday, October 04, 2007

Happy Birthday, Sweet Prince

It's my GORGEOUS son's first birthday tomorrow, and on Saturday we'll be busy throwing him an AWESOME birthday party for him and all his little buddies.

When he found out about it, this is what he had to say:


True to BEVIS form, the party's taking on a Sesame Street theme ... so guests will find themselves surrounded by Bert & Ernie balloons, eating Ernie- and Kermit-shaped food, and leave heavy-laden with lolly bags bearing images of the gang from Sesame Street.

I'm sure he's going to have a ball, and although he won't remember the event, the first child's first birthday is more about the parents celebrating the past twelve months, rather than anything specifically to do with the kid himself (or herself, as the case may be).

Wifey and I will be enjoying making a fuss over him while everyone gathers around to coo, and with my whole family down from Sydney to celebrate (sans Grannie the hundred-year-old machine -- who couldn't get out of her heavy metal band roadie commitments to attend), it should be a RIPPER of a weekend.

Not to be outdone, it's Wifey's birthday on Sunday, too. So that makes it a fun time for all (and an expensive time for me).

What a shock that it's been a whole twelve months since this happened. I can hardly believe it.

But I hope you have a fun time over the next few days, little Sweetums. Daddy and Mummy love you very much, and we look forward to many more delightful years ahead.