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Monday, March 20, 2006

Fessin' Up

Yay! It's "Confession Time"! I'll go first.

I hope you don't mind, but these are all related to TV. One of my favourite subjects.

1) I read TV Week, and we buy it every Monday. It's my little guilty pleasure, and at $3.30 per week, it could be a lot worse. When I get it home, I go through the guide section and circle all the shows I want to watch and/or tape. The magazine then sits on the coffee table, open to the relevant day, for the entire week. I organise the rest of my life around whatever's circled in that mag. And there ain't nobody talkin' me out of this process!

2) Wifey and I watch each episode of The Biggest Loser (the Australian version). For the entire time, we have been avid supporters of The Red Team. For a moment on Monday, we thought they were going to disgrace themselves with some nasty practical joke, but it was nothing to worry about. It was just The Blue Team being precious and hypocritical again. Although he's the 'big ego' in the house, we've always kinda liked Wal, and now that he's on The Red Team anyway, it makes it really easy to favour one whole group over the other. Artie, Tracy and (to a lesser extend) Fiona completely destroyed their chances of winning this game when they stupidly voted off Harry. They thought they were playing strategically, but in truth, they shot themselves in the foot. In fact, they wrecked the game. I reckon that's why this pairs thing had to be introduced. Otherwise the three of them would just get voted off and there'd be practically no game anymore. Artie and Tracy make the perfect pair; they're both bitchy and bitter old hags who are much less intelligent than they think they are. Not to mention the mean streak in Tracy. Wifey thinks of her as this woman. Ruth's a bit of a mess and a no-hoper, I quite like Shane and think his shyness and gentleness and politeness are being misinterpreted as weird behaviour with an evil glare (I see it a lot in people around me, and myself, so I reckon he's being similarly misinterpreted by some of the other contestants), Adro's cool, Kristie's great, and with Fiona - some days I can't stand her (the box-of-chocolates temptation was a fine example of her stupidity, and Harry was right with what he said about that being a stupid thing for her to do), and other days I find myself hoping she'll do well (like with the raft challenge, although maybe that's because she's now partnered with Shane). Anyway, I hope the final four come down to Wal, Kristie, Shane and Adro. They're my faves. I reckon Wal will win, and that's probably fair enough. Love him or hate him, he's played a clever game, has been entertaining, and has lost a LOT of weight.

Edit: Since drafting the above paragraph, I've now watched Friday's weigh-in episode. Fiona again annoyed me with her inappropriate grins on the scales. I don't think she realises it, but smiling when she's done something to advantage herself at other contestants' expense is a bloody stupid thing to do. It's actually rude - and it's like she's taunting them. She should be thinking more clearly than that. Why would anybody like her and want to keep her in the game (if given the chance to vote her off)? She's basically gloating at them when she does things like drinking a lot of water, and then telling everyone about it! She'd be wiser to keep that information to herself, because doing it and then telling everyone straight away only makes enemies amongst the other contestants. At least Shane had the good grace to act like it wasn't entirely down to him loading up with water before the weigh-in. Silly girl. That ankle won't work in her favour, either. And I sooooo hope Artie and Tracy are voted off the show on Monday, but it could easily be Ruth & Adro. It depends how the others want to play it - get rid of the more threatening team (A&T), or get rid of the so-far-ineffective team that still has the most weight to potentially lose (R&A)? Tough choice, but I think I'll finally be saying good-bye to the blue bitches. At least I hope so.

3) Despite my earlier attempts to swim against the tide / upstream / whatever, of apparent global dissatisfaction with Bert's Family Feud, Wifey and I have basically stopped watching it. Which is a bit of a shame. Despite the bizarre nature of giving Bert something so small to host (although it's not his only gig at Channel 9), and his obvious discomfort and unsuitability with the game show format, we'd hoped it'd do better. Hopefully they can come up with something better for him to do at 9, once they finally let the (inevitable) axe drop on the show. (Note: We stopped watching it before the Commonwealth Games started.)

4) I have to say, those two actors who appeared on Friday's episode of Neighbours, playing future teenage versions of Oscar (Lyn's noisy kid) and Charlie (Steph's as-yet-unborn son) were probably the best bit-part actors ever to feature on the show. I was very impressed ... and I also thought the lookalike qualities of teenage Oscar (in particular) were brilliant. I am full of praise for the look of the actors, and also of the way they performed their roles. Teenage Charlie also had to act with Carla Bonner grabbing him, walking through his line of vision, and talking over him ... and he did it perfectly. He dropped the volume of his voice appropriately when she spoke over him (so we could hear her), and made it sound effortlessly easy (which it's not). I commend the two actors, and also those in charge of selecting them. I was surprisingly impressed.

5) Another guilty pleasure Wifey and I have enjoyed for the last little while (certainly not for its intellectual content, though) is Friday Night Games. True, it's basically just a bunch of B- and C-List "celebrities" doing some very stupid things and falling over a lot, while Ryan "Fitzy" Fitzgerald, Bree "Blonde Bimbo" Amer and Mike "Mike Goldman" Goldman make heaps of bad jokes and terrible puns, ... but I think you can see why it appeals to the likes of me! For Friday night fodder when you just want to slump on the couch and not put your brain through anything too strenuous, it's perfect. And you gotta admit, it's much more successful than that other Big Brother spin-off, The Up-Late Game Show. (PS - I don't know who submitted the photo of the Up-Late Game Show "studio" to the previous Wikipedia URL, but it's gold! I laughed out loud at that.)

6) I've been keeping quiet about it, but a few of you will be pleased to hear that I've been watching Futurama almost every week since Channel 10 started airing it (and I've been very much enjoying the show). However, I noticed that although they started airing the first season (or at least the pilot episode - to explain the show's premise, I have no doubt), they are now airing episodes from season three or something! What gives? Anyway, I hope my friend John B will be especially pleased with this news, and will hopefully see fit to loan me his copies of the entire series on DVD sometime?? I think I'm ready.

7) I have a half-drafted post that's been sitting there in the list for something like six months. It's crazy. It's the final part of my mini-series of posts o the topic of (what else?) TV, and I haven't forgotten about it. I got up to Part 6 of "My Addiction" (remember that?), and had a fair few more ideas to nut out in the final bit. But, as with most things, it got put back and put back and put back ... and now here it is, way too much time later, and it's still sitting in draft. Hopefully I'll find the time to finish the damn thing and post it at last. If and when I do, I'll be sure to link to the first six parts in the first section, so you can refresh your memories on what came before (if it interests you enough).

8) Is anyone else watching The 4400, which Channel 10's airing after The Late News and Sports Tonight on Tuesday nights? I quite enjoyed it last year and got quite annoyed (some of you may recall) when it was suddenly pulled off the screens in favour of piece-of-crap British 'science' show Brainiac, which was just a lame-as-hell excuse to put unattractive busty women in low-cut tops. The 4400 is a well-produced science fiction show and I was enjoying it very much (although I completely understand that sci-fi is not to everyone's tastes). Well, it started back a couple of months ago (picking up exactly where Channel 10 had left off half a year earlier - mid-season!) and thanks to my wonderful TV Week magazine, I was able to spot it in the guide (and with absolutely no advertising about it from Channel 10 whatsoever, there's no way I would have known about its return if I didn't have TV Week). I've watched (or read the online scripts to) every episode since, except for last week's. I missed it, and the website I was using to read the online scripts before (if I missed a show) has not been updated to include the transcripts of the last few episodes, even though they aired in America last August. Because tomorrow night's episode is the final episode of series two (they've just announced that series three has been given the go-ahead to start production), I was kinda hoping someone had either seen it (and could send me an email detailing what happened - my address is on the top right of my blog), or could find a detailed episode summary of it somewhere online, which seems to be escaping me. I think the former is more likely (not because I think many people watch the show - in fact, I'm sure very few people do - but because I've searched and searched online and could find no proper transcripts for the episode, which is called "The Fifth Page", by the way).

9) I've also found myself getting more and more into Smallville. I know it's a silly little show for teenagers, and although its production style reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, it's nowhere near as good), but I'm a fan of Superman, and I like what they're doing in regards to showing the way things started out for Clark Kent, Lex Luthor, Lana Lang, and their families and friends. They've filled it with many clever nods to actors of the 80s movie versions (Christopher Reeve and Terence Stamp being two of those who've guest starred - not to mention the Lana Lang of the movies, Annette O'Toole, who is now playing Clark's mother Martha Kent as a series regular), and we've met 'young' versions of Lois Lane and Perry White (and probably others in episodes I haven't seen - an eight-year-old kid called Jimmy Olsen, perhaps?). [Out of interest (to me, anyway), Perry White appeared in only one episode that I know of, and was played by comic actor Michael McKean, who is the real-life husband of actress Annette O'Toole.] While I wouldn't cancel an appointment to stay home and watch the show, I'm enjoying it for what it is and can see myself getting more interested in it as time goes on.

10) One of my favourite bands at the moment (and I expect a bit of a nasty backlash about this - whenever I'm honest about my tastes and preferences, that's usually what happens) is the Rogue Traders. I dunno why, I just like 'em (for their music, in case you try to dream up less-than-pristine reasons why I might like 'em!). Please note: This one counts as TV-related in that their new lead singer, Natalie Bassingthwaighte (and boy, what a crazy surname, eh?), plays uber-bitch Izzy Hoyland on Neighbours. I don't think Wifey shares my newfound interest in the band, but she doesn't seem to mind too much that I'm getting so 'into' their songs.

Okay, now it's your turn.*

*Or not. I'm not trying to usurp Ms Fits' "Confession Booth" post. You don't have to list your own confessions; just bag me out for mine, if you like.



At Monday, March 20, 2006 9:12:00 am, Blogger sheriff of nothing said...

Thanks for the update, I haven't seem Neighbours or the Biggest Loser for a few days - but now I am all caught up!! YAY

At Monday, March 20, 2006 9:45:00 am, Blogger Clokeeeey! said...

Hey. I notice something else you need to confess.
Why the heck are you up at 3:30 all of a sudden. I notice these things, this is not the first time i've seen that time stamp.

Anyways, I confess to being a very late convert to "Curb your enthusiasm". What a brilliant show. I haven't laughed out loud at a TV show since the Sienfeld marathon on Foxtel a couple of years ago. I suspect you would be a fan too.
Keep up the good work.

At Monday, March 20, 2006 10:36:00 am, Blogger MelbourneGirl said...

yay. i'm first.

or maybe i'm not. you've still got that thing on haven't you bevis?

re neighbours. and yes those two dudes, it was interesting. the main point of coversation in our house is what is katya's big secret? and that whole thing about ned and dylan, who usually annoys me so much with his hair and his over-acting, like who's the bigger man, all the double entendre, finishing with dylan's look over the small glass of beer while ned had the big one, was very funny. usually i hate that sort of thing, but having it embedded in neighbours was hilarious. right over the top of the kids' heads. love it.

we have caught up on little britain via dvd. i find now i can't look at people in wheelchairs the same way. i was brought up not to stare, i worked with people with physical disabilities in a past life, but now all i see is andy and his bad jumpers and bum crack. it's completely undone all my good efforts.

also we have been sometimes eating ice cream at night. there is no other vanilla ice cream like blue ribbon. with half a flake crumbled over it.

At Monday, March 20, 2006 10:47:00 am, Blogger Peter said...

1. You and me both. Though I get it free at work.

2. You disgust me.

3, 4. Agreed.

5. See 2, above.

6. Good for you.

7. Finish it, already!

8. Are we surprised that networks are burying good shows? It's par for the course these days. Bastards.

9. Good for you.

10. Shame, shame, shame. Even I can't get excited about them.

My response: I have guilty loves for:
a. Law & Order (vanilla only)
b. Hilary Duff
c. Lindsay Lohan (with curves only - I'm thinking Mean Girls).

And I think Jake Gyllenhall is the most rubbish, overrated actor since Orlando Bloom. His ridiculous false moustache in "Brokeback Mountain" almost ruined the most moving scene in the film.

At Monday, March 20, 2006 12:28:00 pm, Blogger Magical_M said...

Don't be surprised if Ruth & Adro are voted off tonight... I wouldn't put it past Kristie to vote off who she thinks is going to challenge her more.

And let's face it - Artie and Tracy aren't losing much... except people's respect. There was a pic of Artie in the paper yesterday at some function... he doesn't look as though he's lost any weight.

I think Wal will win, although it kills me... I just want to slap his smug face.

What I love about this version is that Trainer Bob really seems to dislike his team. Did you notice when Fiona was injured it was Jillian who took care of her? I can just imagine Bob on the sidelines going "whatever"!

He would never have done that to Mo or Suzy.

I still hate Ruth. She's an evil bitch. She doesn't fool me with her earth mother act.

Shane is growing on me... I think being paired with Fiona was the best thing for both of them. They actually remind me a bit of Suzy & Seth, who were paired up in the US series. Nobody rated them as a pair, but they made it to the finals, so I wouldn't write either Shane or Fiona off yet.

I actually hope Shane and Adro make it into the final 3, but I don't think that will happen. I think it will be Kristy, Wal & (throwing in a curve ball here) Fiona. Wal's a player and he knows that Shane & Adro could go away and pull out the big numbers while Fiona really isn't going to be much competition for him. And he's obviously made an alliance with Kristy because although she gets the numbers she's not going to beat him at the finish.

Anyway... that's almost a blog of my own written on TBL - I'd better stop taking up space!

Oh and 4400. I really like it but it shits me that its on so late and that Ten don't advertise it. I'm finding it difficult to follow what's going on...

At Monday, March 20, 2006 2:08:00 pm, Blogger Steph said...

what Magical M said. That is all.

At Monday, March 20, 2006 4:19:00 pm, Blogger BEVIS said...

First off, my apologies again to everyone with an RSS reader ... I must be driving you insane with all my amended re-posts, but I guess that's what comes with having too many things to say and being a perfectionist. Sorry for any hassle.

Sheriff of Nothing, I'm glad I could assist! :) The "future teenage versions" of Charlie and Oscar were Steph's dream or vision of them as she lay in hospital, refusing to have treatment for her cancer or to bring forward the Caesarian of her baby. In the vision, the boys were talking about her (having died shortly after Charlie's birth), and when Charlie said things along the lines of wishing her knew her, and that she could see him, offer her advice, etc, she pleaded with him (unseen, of course - it was very Dickensian; I liked it) that she would always be with him. She woke up and immediately told Karl to operate so she could have the baby now. Max isn't back yet from flying to Fiji to look after Summer (unknowing Steph's true condition), and that's where we're up to with Neighbours for this afternoon. With The Biggest Loser, one of the teams of two is to be eliminated tonight. Fiona and Shane have immunity (which is a good thing for them!), and Wal & Kristie were "above the yellow line", making them safe also for being the week's biggest losers. That means Wal, Kristie, Shane and Fiona have to vote on whether they eliminate Arty & Tracy, or Adro and Ruth. That happens tonight. Could be a doozy! (Could also be a let-down.)

Clokeeeey, can't sleep; that's all. I'm working on it, and gradually going to bed earlier so I can get back into a normal sleeping pattern. It came from the initial joy of not having to go to work in the morning, so I stayed up and watched TV, blogged, and read books until dawn. Obviously I'm not looking to keep that up, but I can't force myself to bed when I'm still wired. I'll get there. Thank you for your concern/reprimand. :) As for Curb Your Enthusiasm, yes I know I'd be a huge fan of that show, however I haven't seen it yet and intend to wait until the seasons are cheaper than their current price on DVD, if that ever happens. For ten half-hour episodes, I find $40-$50 per season a bit steep. For my budget, at least. But it's definitely a show I have on my 'Gift Wish List', which is stuck up on our fridge for Wifey to buy stuff for me throughout the year "when I'm good" (don't worry; Wifey has one as well - it's "our thing" and it helps us know what presents to buy for each other ... once we write an item up on our list, we can't buy it for ourselves because the other person may have already bought it and put it away for a birthday, etc - it's a good system and doesn't mean we can't get each other stuff that isn't on the lists! ... it actually helps in that way, too, because I can see if Wifey's thought of a particular item, and I'll know if it'll really surprise her or not), so my hope is that one day I'll own or at least watch them. Cheers.

Sorry, MelbourneGirl, you'll have to accept a bronze medal today. Your boyfriend ("Oooooo-oooooh!") got the silver, however - so maybe you could combine them and trade them in at Cash Converter's for a gold. Yes, I've still got "that thing on". It fits me all snug and keeps me warm, so I'll be keeping it on. (Oh, you mean Comment Moderation. Yeah, that's here to stay as well.) I reckon Katya must have been a street walker, a lady-by-night, a member of the world's oldest profession, a woman of the night, a pro, a whore, a ... I think you get the picture. I'm not sure if Neighbours would "go there", but they could potentially keep it tastefully-done, and I can't see what else would be so devastating. Maybe just that she's a recovered druggie, but that's not so shameful, is it? Thing is, would a recovering druggie be allowed to be a nurse? So close to all those meds, etc? Perhaps that's her big secret that when Karl finds out about it, he can use it to stop her reporting him to the medical board about Karl breaking his Hippopotamus Oath to her father. (Why hasn't she reported this already, btw?) Anyway, hopefully it'll be good juicy stuff that they can use to bring the bitterbitch down. She's upsetting "our Susan", and we don't like it. Yes, that Ned and Dylan thing actually had me laughing out loud, which surprised me. It was well done with the beer glasses. :) I've watched the first series of Little Britain, but found most of it too repetitive and some of it a little too gross for me to care about seeing later seasons. I know, I know: It's all the rage, etc. But the lusting after the grandmother thing in the first series really turned my stomach, and I found the other characters to be one-dimensional sterotype characters who had the same slogans and catchphrases, and were just using the same dialogue in different settings each episode. Maybe it's not so bad with seasons two and three, but I lost interest. Funny stuff, certainly, but it didn't captivate me. But don't let my silly little opinion of it bring you down - I'm glad you enjoy it and I hope you continue to! (Your ice cream 'confession' made me smile. I hope you feel better for your confession and can pig out on the stuff tonight with a clear conscience!)

Peter, your list in response to mine made me laugh. I'm not surprised that you get TV Week free at work - I only hope your workplace is buying them, because if TV Week's giving so many copies away, effectively driving the cost up for the rest of us, I shall be very annoyed. If I learn that I could be buying this thing for $3.15 instead of $3.30, you better hope I don't find out where you live!! Actually, thinking for a moment about who owns TV Week, and who you work for, I'm guessing your workplace buys them. Although I could be wrong. You get all channels featured throughout the mag and on the cover, so the ownership may not get too involved ... I dunno. Sorry I disgusted you so often with my list, although it can't be helped. That's why it was a confession. Glad you agreed with me (or at least patted me on the back) on a few of them. And as for Part 7 of the "My Addiction" multi-post, I think you're the only one interested anymore. :) But I'll get to it, I promise. I was interested in your admission about Rogue Traders, but I guess I shouldn't have expected anything else. No one's bound to any opinion, eh. (Including ME, bitches!) Ahem, excuse me. As for your own confessions, Law & Order I can understand. But are you saying you like Hillary Duff and Lindsay Lohan's music? Because I'm guessing the answer to that question is 'no' - and then my response to you is 'You disgust me'. (So now we're even.) :)

Magical_M, yeah, I half-expect tonight's elimination to be Adro & Ruth - I'm just more hopeful that it'll be Artie & Tracy. Wifey and I find Tracy a truly loathsome individual in particular. And Artie's just weak. As a person. A sheep. I know that the others (except perhaps Fiona, who may still see everything as a lovely little friendship-based game) are all playing it cleverly now, so either of the two teams could go (for opposite but equally logical reasons). Your reference to Trainer Bob saying "Whatever!" when Fiona hurt herself was priceless! I think it was more that there were enough people doting over her and he asn't needed ... but you never know. Maybe he is disgusted with his team! I think he lost all respect for them (as did Wifey and I, although we didn't like them much before this either) when they lost Wal and fell apart. At that point, The Blue Team shot themselves in the foot with their stupid alliance. I could tell a few times that Bob wasn't impressed with that kind of game-playing, because he also knew it would spell the team's demise. Shane's a bit of a sweetie. (Can I say that without turning gay?) No problem about space - look at the length of all these answers! As for The 4400, as Peter says, can we expect anything more of the major networks?

Steph, yeah, I half-expect tonight's elimination to be Adro & Ruth - I'm just more hopeful that it'll be Artie & Tracy. Wifey and I find Tracy a truly loathsome individual in particular. And Artie's just weak. As a person. A sheep. I know that the others (except perhaps Fiona, who may still see everything as a lovely little friendship-based game) are all playing it cleverly now, so either of the two teams could go (for opposite but equally logical reasons). Your reference to Trainer Bob saying "Whatever!" when Fiona hurt herself was priceless! I think it was more that there were enough people doting over her and he asn't needed ... but you never know. Maybe he is disgusted with his team! I think he lost all respect for them (as did Wifey and I, although we didn't like them much before this either) when they lost Wal and fell apart. At that point, The Blue Team shot themselves in the foot with their stupid alliance. I could tell a few times that Bob wasn't impressed with that kind of game-playing, because he also knew it would spell the team's demise. Shane's a bit of a sweetie. (Can I say that without turning gay?) No problem about space - look at the length of all these answers! As for The 4400, as Peter says, can we expect anything more of the major networks?


(Sorry, what bits exactly were you echoing?)

At Monday, March 20, 2006 4:20:00 pm, Blogger BEVIS said...

MG - fiance, boyfriend ... same difference ...

At Monday, March 20, 2006 4:27:00 pm, Blogger Magical_M said...

My favourite part of the whole series of TBL was when they had that soccer match and Bob kicked the ball from his goal and Jillian just let it through because she thought someone yelled at her to "leave it".

Bob's comment of "she's like, someone said to leave it and I'm like yeah, whatever, Jillian" still makes me crack up.

The Blue team's major trouble started when they got rid of Cat. Fools.

Oh and MG, one day I'll do my Lou & Andy impression for you. If you visit me at my work I can even drag the wheelchair out from the back office for added effect.

At Monday, March 20, 2006 5:58:00 pm, Blogger abetterjulie said...

I love Smallville, but rarely get to see it. I only see it when I catch it by chance. I like it when he runs and when he smiles...the rest is all nonsense.

At Monday, March 20, 2006 7:13:00 pm, Blogger Clokeeeey! said...

Bevis, Don't wait. Head down to Video Ezy or Blockbuster and rent it now. The first episode will have you roaring with laughter.
By the end of the first series you'll have the theme tune stuck in your head for days and the expression "What kind of sick person..." will flow from your tongue and be your new catch phrase (for at least a week).

At Monday, March 20, 2006 7:18:00 pm, Blogger MelbourneGirl said...

so m_m; do you do both parts at once?

and bevis, yes, the grandmother thing was too awful. absolutely beyond the bounds of taste and completely inappropriate, and i couldn't watch it without cringing physically and hiding my face as i do in horror movies.

but another confession is i would laugh. a nervous laugh? perhaps. but still i would laugh.

At Monday, March 20, 2006 7:21:00 pm, Blogger Clokeeeey! said...

I do a very good "Margaret! Margaret!"

At Tuesday, March 21, 2006 9:53:00 am, Blogger Adam said...

I confess that this blog is always the first I check out when I 'do the rounds'. Not only does it make me laugh our loud at the bad jokes and stupid puns (sometimes even the good jokes make me laugh) but it has by far the best bloglinks which allows me to bounce around the blogosphere.

At Tuesday, March 21, 2006 11:02:00 am, Blogger Magical_M said...

Yes I do MG.

My particular speciality is the George Michael one from the Comic Relief special.


At Wednesday, March 22, 2006 6:27:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bevis, I think in a recent email I threatened to tie you to a chair and force you to watch all 4 seasons of Futurama next time you came around! But... perhaps you'd enjoy that!

The only reason I have found to watch The Biggest Loser is Jillian, as she is really hot.

At Thursday, March 23, 2006 6:52:00 am, Anonymous John B. said...

Sorry Bevis, that last 'anon' post was from me, but when I clicked on 'other' as my identity, it removed my name and I didn't notice. You probably figured out who it was from anyway you smart cookie.

At Saturday, March 25, 2006 1:09:00 am, Blogger BEVIS said...

Magical_M, I agree with you on both Bob's soccer goal being hilarious, and Cat's elimination being the beginning of the end for The Blue Team.

ABetterJulie, that comment made me laugh. It started out sounding so genuine, and completely caught me by surprise by the end. Nonsense indeed!

Clokeeeey, I'll see. No promises. I'm not that keen and eager to get into something else at the moment (aren't I watching enough?!!), but the time will come, I'm sure of it.

MelbourneGirl, I always wondered about you. (Sicko.)


Clokeeeey (again), now don't you start listing all the catchphrases here before I've seen a single episode!! :)

Adam, thank you. That's the nicest* thing you've said here in months!

* only

Magical_M (again), I'm sorry - am I interrupting something? :)

John B (aka 'Anonymous'), yeah, I knew it was you. I could smell the red wine on your breath. I would certainly enjoy the watching part. Four times around 22 episodes of television equals a long time to be tied to a chair. I might have to go pee-pee in that time. It'd be a very awkward situation. Also, I didn't realise you thought Trainer Jillian was hot. I think she has man-brows, but is still certainly attractive in her own way. (A manly way.)


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