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Monday, May 22, 2006

Game Over, Mole

Well, it's official. 'The Frankston Feral' is out of the House.

I don't really get it. Anna was more entertaining than most of the people in the House at the moment. Her role as one of the Revenge Room hags was instrumental to the first few weeks of the show, and her later clashes with Karen, Krystal and Camilla (as well as her apparent lack-of-interest in John and Gaelan) provided much of the material we watched each night on The Daily Show.

With Anna out of the House, we're probably going to find ourselves becoming more and more bored by the antics (or lack thereof) of the remaining Housemates. I bet the BB programmers and editors freaked out when they heard Anna was evicted! Now we're going to be subjected to even more footage of Jamie/Katie cuddling and Dino/women bitchin'.

It's a very silly bunch of thirteen-year-old girls who send through the votes on this show. The could have taken out vain, insipid Krystal or yawn, nothing Ashley (not even BB remembers his name!), but instead they took out one of the few people who actually create some memorable moments and amusing tension (amusing for us, at least). The voters have got to keep in mind that even if the person is irritating to watch, that makes them entertaining, because they're even more irritating to their fellow Housemates - who are all stuck with them, creating heaps of angst and great moments for TV - and thereby we find ourselves with an interesting show to watch.

It was interesting to note that I was right (again) about the prizes escalating as we move through the weeks. In addition to the $2,000 cash and two mobile phones from 3 that Karen, Elise and Tilli won, Anna took home a motor scooter (cool!) and an African holiday. That's quite a step up from the other prizes! I wonder if the runner-up prize is going to be a whole lot better to win than whatever will remain of the major prize? (Probably!)

The other item of note is that out of the three options we were given to select the new Insider (David, Claire and Jade), the silly viewing-and-voting public (see above) selected Jade. I would have preferred David to be the Insider. Partly because he was basically chomping at the bit to have a go at it just the other night, but also because he'd be the last person anyone else would suspect. And it might give him some extra insight into what Michael was going through for those three weeks. If I was one of the original Housemates, and stuff started going wrong, things started going missing, etc, just after Mikey was revealed as the Insider and three new Intruders had entered the House, the Intruders would be the first ones I'd suspect of being behind it! As far as I'd be aware, one or more of the Intruders could have come in to the House with the express purpose of causing trouble! So I don't feel Jade's the best option for Insider # 2. (I don't think we were provided with the best options to choose from, though.) Will Jade be crap as the Insider? Only time will tell. (Possibly not much time at all.)

This series is on a fast-track to becoming just as boring and dull as the previous years have been. Ho-hum.

Intruder Jade:
Will she be a better Insider than Michael?
Will she cause trouble? Do we even care?
And what's with those freaky eyes, anyway?

So that's it. Anna's out. She got more prizes. Jade's the new Insider. She finds out later today. People are dumb. Details at eleven.



At Monday, May 22, 2006 3:13:00 pm, Blogger Michelle said...

Morning Bevis
I wasnt suprised that Anna was evicted, tho I very much wanted Ash or Gaerlan to go..I voted for both :)
Im sitting here waiting for the backlash from the people who will inevitably bitch about not being given the opportunity to vote for the new Insider (Like us W.A. viewers), but I would have like to see Dave do it to, for the same reasons as you.
Oh yeah...Im totally over JamKat too, now there is 2 ppl playing the "Marty and Jess" game if I ever saw it, what do you think??
Also as much as Dino makes me grind my teeth its interesting to watch how all the boys agree with him when he talks, yet have their own ideas when not around him. Can you say Alpha Male? I really dont want him to win tho, but keep him in for interesting watching in the meantime.I havent picked the Alpha Female yet, I did think maybe Anna, but now Im leaning towards Krystal orKatie.
Know what else I'd like to see??


Make the HM's do something fun to watch each day, get them off their ass's and entertain me, ive been thinking about what they can do and here is an idea or two I have.

1) Chain them all together and make them do things like cleaning, cooking etc. Joined together it wont be easy and will be funny to watch.

2) Days of Silence. Where only one HM may speak at any time and they have to be holding a stick or soemthing. If you have the stick you must keep talking until another HM takes it, eith by BB orders or off their own accord.

I have heaps of ideas that would make for fun watching.
My picks for Nom's this week are..


Have a great day!!

At Monday, May 22, 2006 3:27:00 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't be so quick to judge, Mr Bevis. Jade does talk to herself and have more than a touch of the crazy-eye goin on, so she may just prove to be a complete nutter... which would be awesome.

At Monday, May 22, 2006 4:12:00 pm, Blogger Spankk said...

I voted to get David off. He cries too much for my liking.

At Monday, May 22, 2006 6:42:00 pm, Blogger Susanne said...

It definitely seems like they're out of money. I even read this in the mainstream press somewhere.

Oh, I hate Jade! The earrings and the pyjamas? Why, why, why?

At Tuesday, May 23, 2006 12:31:00 am, Blogger audrey said...

I think the big problem with choosing Jade is that it will further isolate her from the rest of the housemates. The only reason she seems 'weird' is because she's physically the most different from all the other socially acceptable girls in there. She's called ugly by the boys and she's not in with the girls. It all goes back to the biggest problem with BB of recent years, and that's lack of diversity of people. I wish to god they'd get a smattering of interesting older folk in with a further smattering of non ralph magazine material. That family dinner last week was a joke when they went on about the fat stuff. Of course the girls are going to be insane about it when they're all under 22 and are feeding into each other's body insecurities. They need someone like Chrissy back in there who showed just what it was like to be an ace mamma jamma who was confident with herself and her opinions. I hate that the outspoken girls (camilla) get labelled 'domineering' by everyone yet Dino seems to escape nominations week after week....

So many things wrong with the show and how it mirrors society while encouraging those thinking patterns and not trying to change them.

At Tuesday, May 23, 2006 5:32:00 pm, Blogger BEVIS said...

Good morning, Michelle. Nice to see you back with another long comment for me! Thank you! Gaelan wasn't up for eviction, though. Are you thinking of someone else? Or do you know something I don't? From what Gretel said about the WA, SA and NT viewers already having had the chance to vote, I thought those states had ads running earlier in the night (by which I mean the same actual time we were seeing the BB nomination show), so we all had the same half-hour window to vote ... but by the time the WA, SA and NT viewers saw the nomination show, lines had closed. Is that about right? Do you know if there were BB Insider Vote ads running a couple of hours earlier? If so, that makes it around 5pm, when people aren't home from work, so that's a bit crazy. Yeah, the 'JamKat' (never liked that name) thing is totally a Marty & Jess redeux. It's gonna bore me to tears when they finally come out of the House and we're forced to sit through it all again in recap -- twice! They're having such a good run. BB's leaving them alone because they're doing wonders for the ratings already, which means it's all one big romantic holiday for them, whereas Michael and now Jade are put in a very different situation (unfairly?) by having their chances of winning greatly diminished by being placed in a situation by BB (and the public) that the others don't have to worry about. Dino has been nominated every week except this one. The first time, the two girls went out instead of him. The next time, he took himself out with the 3 points. Last week, Michael took him out with the 3 points. So that's interesting to note. Your ideas for the Daily Tasks are great! Send them in to the BB website and see what happens! Your picks for nominations weren't far off, either. Claire only got one vote and Krystal was one vote shy of being put up for eviction as well (I think), but otherwise you got two of the three. Interesting third choice, though. I wouldn't have picked John. He may be the one to go, though, if the other two have enough supporters to save them and no one out there cares too much about 'Invisible John'.

Gregory Surlyboy, you make a good point. And her self-imposed silence today means she's able to totally misinterpret any instruction she's given, so this should be loads of fun!! :)

Spankk, you no like a sooky la-la? You country boys don't have that much in common after all?

Susanne, do you mean BB is low on cash to be coming up with prizes? Or are you saying something else? (Surely the sponsors come up with the prizes, though - and the ratings must be doing well because almost everyone seems to be watching it.) Maybe I misunderstood your meaning, here. I can't help you with the earrings and pyjamas query, though. Sorry!

Audrey, same problem of isolation happened with Michael, although for very different reasons, I grant you. But I see your point about what's going to happen to Jade, and I agree with you. This Insider role had the potential to be so good (without spoiling that person's chances at winning the prize - or unfairly weighing it in their favour, either), but the right person ad to be chosen for the task. It shouldn't have been put to the thirteen-year-old girls who vote for the show ... the professional psychologists and producers should have known who'd create the best drama and still be able to win! I also agree with the lack of diversity thing. The closest they got this year was a mother young enough to be their aunt, a gay guy and an uneducated Frankston Feral who can't say the following words:

* frustrated ("fustrated")
* brought ("bought")
* something ("somethink")

There are probably others, but those are the ones that have annoyed me the most as I've listened to her. We're talking about words she should have been taught in PRIMARY SCHOOL, people! There's just no excuse for that kind of disgraceful ignorance. How embarrassing. (Katie can't say 'something' either.) Just like you, I am equally angered by much of the show and the principles at play (or not, as the case may be) behind it, but (just as the producers want/know), I can't stop watching it.


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