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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Rant & Rave (& Theorise)

(I'm very sorry to all you international or otherwise non-Big Brother fans out there who clearly aren't interested in my posts on this subject, but I promise I'll get back to other matters tomorrow.)


I'm so angry with the show's producers at the moment.

As stated in Monday's post, I feel quite strongly that if the Housemates are all meant to be there with an equal chance at winning, putting one Housemate's chances ahead of or behind the others' is - simply put - unfair. It's against the spirit of the game, and in a show where Big Brother fines and punishes Housemates for being 'unsportsmanlike', this is extremely hypocritical behaviour to say the least.

Michael entered the House and had two days as himself; ever since he's had the unenviable task of being Big Brother's 'lackey' (the term 'Insider' hasn't really been an apt one, IMHO, as it's not like he's been in BB's good graces or anything - unless he passed BB's missions, which were not easy and therefore meant he was nothing like an 'insider' at all). The 'decision' he was faced with was a ludicrous one. To agree to being the Insider or be evicted immediately. Yes, strictly speaking he was given a 'choice', but after five months of prepping for the show and hoping to do well, being evicted after three days because of the 'offer' being put to him is not really a choice at all. Some of the other Housemates, now having learnt of Michael's secret role for the past three weeks, are angry with Michael and saying that he did have a choice, but that's not a fair thing to put on him either. Of course he didn't.

So being emotionally-blackmailed into accepting the role of The Insider was bad enough (sure, I know BB's options were limited to basically threatening Michael with eviction if he didn't accept the role ... because he couldn't say no and then return to the House knowing what BB had asked of him ... and having BB enlist someone else while Michael had that knowledge - I get that). But to make matters worse, BB had Michael complete tasks that weren't 'insider' tasks at all. BB doesn't need an insider anyway; he has mics and cameras everywhere. He doesn't need a spy, he needed a mole, and that's what Michael was. (I think 'Insider' is a misnomer.) So Michael had to spoil everything for the other Housemates so tension could arise and people would get upset.

Then, as discussed previously, for his efforts (which I know weren't too subtle or brilliant, but that's not his fault either), the Housemates started to question how annoying he was being, and Gretel, Ryan and Bree began to 'pay him out' on their respective shows. To be fair, Gretel has since changed her tune (probably under instruction - it will be interesting to see if Bree and Ryan are similarly sympathetic and give the company line on Friday night), but even Rove has been more scathing of Michael than any other Housemate on Rove Live. How is that helpful?

So now, through no real fault of his own, Michael has entered the House hoping to be universally loved and maybe win the money, but due to factors outside his control he has become a national joke, with resentment and frustration leveled at him from Housemates and even the show's hosts. The public then absorbed all this information (consciously or subconsciously) and when he finds himself up for eviction next Monday (as he invariably will each week, now, I'm sure), they will be suitably irritated by his earlier behaviour, and/or bored with his apparent 'uselessness' now that he is no longer the Insider, to vote him out.

The whole notion and method of revealing him as the Insider last night was atrociously handled from the very start. What a frickin' stupid way to do it. Don't come on screen afterwards, Gretel, and pretend it went down much worse than you'd ever expected. Of course it was going to be an absolute mess! There was no doubt in my mind (or in anyone's mind who has mentioned it to me) that it was going to be anything other than a massive eruption of anger at (and trouble for) Michael.

Wifey and I were as angry as hell when we were watching the show last night. Not enough air-time was given to the fall-out that followed the Insider revelation (which almost makes me believe that they hadn't actually anticipated how badly it would go down - but what are they, dumb?), and throwing the Intruders in was completely uninteresting. We wanted to see if Michael had a chance to clear his name and put his case across to the angry, upset and shell-shocked Housemates about his situation, before it was overshadowed by the Intruders arriving. It also meant that the really upset Housemates had a good excuse to avoid Michael, which would allow their resentment towards him cement itself in their minds, where it would be almost impossible for him to counteract it later, whenever he finally got a chance to talk to those individuals. And whether you're a grudge-holder or not, once someone has perceivingly 'wronged' you (and let's not forget that they're all thinking they've been publicly humiliated all across the nation with this one), then it's very difficult to entirely reverse or erase those basic feelings of betrayal.

So instead of revealing Michael's Insider role in a way that would exonerate him to (or even amuse) the other Housemates, the producers decided it would be a great idea to further alienate him from the rest of the House by being even more unfair to him and his chances of winning the game than they already had.

I was actually seething with anger as I watched it.

Was it good television? I don't think so. As I said, I had no interest in the Intruders (I may have if they'd gone into the House on a different night), and I was too angry with the people who arranged the way it unfolded to enjoy it. Sure, it was controversial, but that didn't make it enjoyable to watch. And the controversy was with the cruelty and stupidity of the people behind the scenes; not with the Housemates themselves (the ones we're there to watch).

And to add insult to injury (injury that was directly attributable to BB's actions), when we had the live cross to the Big Brother House during Rove Live, he kept making anti-Michael comments (and worse). Gretel even had to try to lessen the damage ("Oh, come on, now"), but with people laughing like it's the way everyone else thinks, he and the other hosts who've done it are only making the easily-swayed public (who succumb to peer pressure and vote the way other people vote ... and let's face it, that's how most teenagers think, and they're the voters) feel that that's the way they should cast their vote. And we have another unfair 'ganging-up' on Michael.

I think the instigation of a new Insider in tonight's show will be a step in the right direction (in that it might help to take some of the heat off Michael), but it's certainly not going to be enough to undo the trouble it's caused him. I hope he's exempt from nomination somehow (at least for this coming week, while it's all still very raw for his fellow Housemates), but I doubt that'll happen. Hopefully he has the chance to bring everyone over to his side before Monday's nominations.

But that just leaves us with one question: What's going on here?? (Check out the listing marked "23:10". Very interesting ... It would appear that all of Michael's secrets may not yet be known, after all ...



At Wednesday, May 17, 2006 6:45:00 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

dont watch it then

At Wednesday, May 17, 2006 7:57:00 am, Blogger treespotter said...

i'm just glad to be acknowledged, but truthfully, yes, a bit bored. i don't watch that thing.

At Wednesday, May 17, 2006 10:09:00 am, Anonymous John B. said...

As a general rule I totally agree with you about how unfair the 'insider' thing was to Michael. The main thing that turned people however was his lie about his fake son! BB didn't tell him to make up that one. It's almost as bad as that guy on Survivor a while back who claimed that his Grandma had died to gain sympathy when she was alive and well!

At Wednesday, May 17, 2006 12:34:00 pm, Blogger Michelle said...

Bevis, Im so glad that someone else thinks the way
I do about the whole "Insider" thing.
When it was first mentioned I thought it would be a great
idea. Then when Michael was given the Ultimatium to either
do it or leave, (and his head nodding will always remind me
of those little bodding dogs found in old ppls cars), I
realised that it wasnt going to be fun.
Did you see the look on Michael's face when they failed the
clown task. He was happy, but almost instantly he could see
that it came at the price of Katie thinking it was all her
fault. I think he felt really really bad. At leaset I hope
he did.
I could see Michael being annoying in the first week as
he questioned everyone while looking for the "Secret
Relationship", I found that fun to watch, as the other
HM's got annoyed with him, but I also realised that while
Michael was focused on this he wasnt allowed to totally
be himself.
I also didnt think it fair at all that Gretel and Co took
every opportunity, to bag him out for doing what BB made
him do. The poor guy had NO support in or OUT of the house.
Then Gretel's comments of "We had no idea it would create
this kind of controversy" what a load of big cow dung.
You cant tell me that you and I and many others could see
that the whole "Rueben" saga was going to backfire and cause
huge dramas, yet the trained professional Carmel Hill didnt
point it out to BB? Did she say "Awsome Idea, will cause no
real problems at all".
I doubt it.
Then to add insult to injury the Intruders come in,and as
you said stealing any chance at all of Michael making up
with his HM's.
Rght now I feel so so sorry for Michael. I also think that
BB owes the HM's a winning task where they bet 100% since
they would have passed the clown one without Michael's
mission.BB owes the HM's big time.
Having another insider...it wont help or hinder and the
first person everyone is gonna look at.....
I also feel that Michael is owed maybe 2 weeks free of Nom's
to let him be himself. Give him a chance at least.

At Wednesday, May 17, 2006 4:56:00 pm, Blogger BEVIS said...

Ha, Anonymous, ... as if!

Treespotter, for a second there I didn't kow what you meant. But then I realised you're referring to my little 'shout out' at the start, to all non-BB fans. Yes, I'm sorry to keep doing this to you. But I thank you that you continue to check back anyway, and even leave comments on topics that don't interest you! Happy anniversary, btw.

John B, maybe the content of his lie was a bit much, but I think he went about it the right way (ie. making up a sob-story rather than intentionally pissing people off to get his eight nominations). However, he had one week to suddenly do an 'about face' on his happiness in the house, so he naturally had to start sowing the seeds immediately in order to make it seem like a natural progression within the week. So he also did the right thing by starting it off with a small taste of his story (without details) on the first night. Then he slowly started to let one or two HMs in on the full details individually, which was also the smart move ... let the rumour mill add to his case, and make each conversation feel like a heart-to-heart (rather than a speech or plea to the group). He didn't know if-or-when BB would release him from his Insider role, and in fact may have assumed (just as I had expected) that he'd have the role for his entire stay in the House. This would mean that people getting upset with him wouldn't have crossed his mind (and fair enough; he wasn't given parameters). As Dino said after the revelation, if it's been him (and if it'd been me), he/I would have come up with something 'worse'. Not to offend anyone, but to play a smarter game as the Insider. The Survivor grandmother story never bothered me. He found a way to play a more strategic game, and the fools on the show with him should have doubted everyone they were playing against. I'm not being heartless about stories of lost loved ones, but in a game for prize money such as these two shows we're talking about, all contestants must be on their guard against 'players'. More fool them.

Michelle, wow - thanks so much for all you had to say there. I love a long comment (seriously). Mainly because I do it myself everywhere else, but also because I write so much stuff on this blog, that I love to receive in-depth feedback on what the readers are thinking of it. So, thank you! You make a fine point at the end there. If Michael is evicted in either of the next two Sunday evictions (after this coming week, of course, where he's not nominated), it will be an embarrassing injustice and a blight on the show's history. (I also got a smile out of your imaginary quote of Carmel's.)

At Wednesday, May 17, 2006 7:29:00 pm, Blogger Pomgirl said...

Oooh, I was SO angry. Grrrr. Michael clearly had no real choice other than being The Insider and for me, him being The Insider has been the only entertaining part of a really dull Big Brother. I so enjoyed watching him eating that spaghetti!

He has been uncomfortable with his role but he has tried to rise to the challenge and I think done really well. But he has gained nothing from it but hatred and I just don't believe the show's producers didn't expect that.

I think and hope that viewers will keep him in because of how unfairly he was treated and how well he has done. Can you imagine David coping in a similar role? Ha ha.

It has been so interesting watching my first Australian Big Brother afer watching about six series of the show in the UK. I have so many opinions about the difference but can't be concise enough (and probably shouldn't) write about it here.

It amuses me that I thought when I lived in Australia I would be so different, like I was ever going to turn into this bronzed, fit surfer chick, nope, I sit at home shouting at the TV like I did in the UK!

At Wednesday, May 17, 2006 11:53:00 pm, Blogger audrey said...

Ooh yeah John B! i remember rotten jon...he was scummy.

i think maybe the BB producers had a choice to demonise michael or not and they were basing it on how far he was willing to go in the show. because he went so far with the whole son story, they knew they'd be able to turn all the other housemates against him. and nothing says yes for ratings like an evil villain...

the problem is of course that michael never set out to be that villain and just because he's been a little silly in his tactics is no reason to punish him. i for one am getting no supreme sense of satisfaction seeing him get his 'comeuppance'...

At Thursday, May 18, 2006 1:12:00 am, Blogger BEVIS said...

Ooh, great - some more long comments! Goodie! :)

Pomgirl, yeah, Michael's role has been the most interesting part of the show this year by far. Much more interesting than the mother/daughter thing or the twin thing from last year. He's now being victimised for pranks and other forms of retaliation (according to the BB website), and that kind of thing's just not on. (BTW, there's a poll on the website asking if we feel sorry for Michael. If a lot of people select 'Yes', maybe they'll give him some slack in the nominations department. Just a thought, people.) As of dinner this evening, apparently all the Housemates (except Krystal) have told Michael all is forgiven, but I don't think that's necessarily true. I think others like Jamie are still very cut with him, and it's hard to tell if people like Anna and Dino are really for or against him (despite what they say). I guess we'll know the truth next Monday night in nominations. I'd love to know your opinions on the differences between UK and Aussie BB series, but I understand if you want to save it. "Fewer lesbian spa parties down under" would be your first difference, I'm guessing. And surely you are a bronzed, fit surfer chick?? That's how I pictured you (despite the photos on your blog)! Haha ...

Audrey, you weren't even directing that comment at me, but I'm going to answer it anyway. (John B can answer it when he reads it too.) Evil villain = ratings. I love it. That's absolutely correct. And what you said after that about Michael being silly but copping all manner of hell as a result of his secret role is true, too. That's what I meant when I said his 'crime' is not being subtle and having less-than-exemplary skills at manipulating people. That doesn't mean the guy should be victimised and ostracised in this way. It would appear that Rove is a fan of Michael "getting his comeuppance", and so is Karen - and unfortunately the two of them have had a lot of airplay and screentime recently to put their views out there. I hope BB redeems itself by intervening somehow and allowing Michael to avoid being nominated this coming week.

Incidentally, was I going crazy, or did I hear Gretel say (right at the end of the show on Tuesday night) that BB would be choosing a new Insider 'tomorrow night' (ie, Wednesday)? I can find no mention of it on the website, and it didn't happen in the daily show.

Either they're keeping it off the site until they reveal who it is on the show, or I got the day wrong ... or it happened on Wednesday, but due to the editing process putting the show back by 24 hours, we won't see it until tonight's daily show.

Can anyone verify?

That teaser of tonight's daily show, with Michael saying he'd play it differently 'this time' made it sound like BB has chosen Michael to be the Insider once again! But I suspect that may be a mislead. (That'd be clever, though - it would possibly reward him for his recent hardship, and also make him the last person the other Housemates would ever now suspect of any skull-duggery!)

At Thursday, May 18, 2006 2:19:00 am, Blogger BEVIS said...

Also, go here and read the entry for 1:04 (am).

Disgraceful. He's being honest with her to her face about what he's been saying about her behind her back, which is what he said he'd do when it all went down between him and the mother/daughter team about their bitchings concerning Dino the other week (what I mean is, Michael is being true to his word, after a fashion, about telling people their greivances to their face), but Krystal is too immature to understand and/or cope with that. She doesn't know how to interact on an adult level, so Michael's not going to win either way.

And worse than that, she's going to come away from that conversation making Michael look bad to everyone else she talks to about it (just like she did when he told her she looked more beautiful before she spent 4 hours putting on make-up for last Sunday night's eviction show - she later falsely told the other girls that he'd said she was ugly).

In point of fact, her eye make-up and beehive hairstyle made her look terrible. But she thinks make-up is essential. It shows how shallow she is (more than any other girl in there), and underlines the fact that she just doesn't get it!

I hope she gets evicted on Sunday, although that means she's going to come away from the House talking about Michael in a poor light and totally misrepresenting him behind his back. Again.

Rove will only encourage it, too.

But she just doesn't deserve to stay in there.

At Thursday, May 18, 2006 2:41:00 pm, Blogger elaine said...

I think it's clever that they've basically started over.

Michael may have been the insider, but he didn't have to make up that story about Reuben. He's an idiot.

And I think I'm the only person who recalls Big Brother saying not that turning down the Insider job would result in instant eviction but that it was up to Big Brother and it could result in him being asked to leave the house.

Michael may have been given a rough deal but he brought the worst of it upon himself.

Elaine votes: no sympathy.

ps also vehemently dislike Krystal.

At Thursday, May 18, 2006 3:04:00 pm, Blogger BEVIS said...

Thank you, Elaine - I was wondering if anyone was going to say anything to the contrary (I knew we couldn't ALL think the same way about him!). I appreciate your honesty.

However, I must point out - with respect - that you're remembering BB's ultimatim incorrectly.

BB told Michael that if he purposely let anyone know he was the Insider, he could be up for instant eviction. (The same instruction was given to Krystal and Karen if they purposely let slip their secret relationship before the first week was up.)

But Michael was definitely told that he would be walking out the Diary Room and out of the House without a chance to say any good-byes or anything, if he didn't accept the role of The Insider. That was the opening line BB used when first letting Michael know about the Insider role.

I promise you; that's how it went down.

I accept your disgust with the Reuben story, but I must correct you on the threat BB made to Michael right at the beginning. :)

Of course, if you think about it, it makes sense. BB couldn't let a Housemate know there was an Insider role if they weren't going to accept it. The producers couldn't risk him saying no and then returning to the House with that knowledge (even if he kept it to himself, he'd know someone else probably took on the role - the next person to be called to the Diary Room, probably - and he'd know who was up to no good as things started to go wrong).

Also, the producers couldn't let him speak to the other Housemates and say why he was suddenly leaving if he turned the role down, so it would have been an instant eviction without the other Housemates' knowing about it. (BB probably would have made up a story for their benefit about him breaking some cardinal rule or something and being disqualified. Or maybe BB would have said his eight-year-old son Reuben needed him on the outside world!)

When you see the footage again of him initially being 'offered' the role, listen carefully to what BB says will happen if he doesn't accept it. (That's why Michael frowns; it sounds so severe before he's even heard what the offer is.)

Anyway, you know I love you and our differences on this matter ain't gonna change that.

Besides, our mutual loathing of Krystal will get us through.


At Thursday, May 18, 2006 3:11:00 pm, Blogger MelbourneGirl said...

just popping in to say hi and give a wave. i haven't written for a while cause i'm not watching bb or amazing race. and you have been slack with your neighbours posts!!

no, clearly your mind is elsewhere. like with bb and ar.

but that's ok. it's all good. i might try a catch up with bb, or i might not. tell me, is it "better" than last year, ie with no skanky hos or are the girls still dicks, and the boys pussies? i don't mean that gentitally either.

sorry for being rude. brain hurty.

At Thursday, May 18, 2006 3:30:00 pm, Blogger BEVIS said...

Hi MG, thanks for popping in! (I nearly wrote 'pooping in', but I know you'd never do that!)

I understand about the 'no writey-writey'. I'm severely cutting down my own readership by writing about TAR, BB and TGYH. That's three of five posts per week! And then I go and do an extra BB one because I'm so angry, leaving (this week) only a post about immature phone call pranks. Not your sort of thing either, methinks.

(I'm not judging you. I'm judging me.)

As for whether or not BB is any better this year than last year ... nah, it's not. And those things you asked about the boys and girls? (That I wouldn't repeat?) Yeah, basically they are.

So if you didn't like last year, you won't like this year either.

I hope you appreciate me saving you from the horror. A weird-arse fan would have insisted you watch it "BECAUSE IT'S JUST SO GREAT! YAAAAAAY!", but I wouldn't do that to you.

I desperately want to write more Neighbours posts ... and Muppets posts, and posts on other stuff altogether that don't involve TV at all ... but there are only so many days in a week, you know?

TGYH will finish in a few weeks, so at least that will 'open up' an extra blogging day per week for non-TV stuff.

Stay with me, people. I promise I'll provide in good time.

At Thursday, May 18, 2006 9:01:00 pm, Blogger noshie said...

I no longer care about the fact that I am missing Aussie BB because tonight UK BB begins and I can't wait! I may even be tempted to make comparisons.

At Thursday, May 18, 2006 10:03:00 pm, Anonymous John B. said...

A word in defence of Krystal. I believe she was telling the other housemates that her mum Karen was plucking her eyebrows since she was 8 and dying her hair since she was 10! Now children are all beautiful the way they are (except for little brats) and don't need beauty treatments, despite what some vacant headed, vain, hippy mothers might think. What I'm trying to say is that Krystal's obsession with making herself look stupid with artificial products is a result of her upbringing, so I blame Karen for it. Remember Krystal is only 19 as well!

Ah, who am I kidding, all of the people in that house are idiots! Now why do I feel compelled to watch that show?....wait don't answer that.

At Friday, May 19, 2006 9:53:00 am, Blogger elaine said...

OK, my bad, I remembered incorrectly (not very surprising, really).

I still have no sympathy.

(Besides which, what sort of egotistical idiot thinks that they'll ever get a job as a strategist with a political party if they don't catre which one?)

Is it obvious that I don't like him?


At Friday, May 19, 2006 1:19:00 pm, Blogger Susanne said...

I hope he stays in. At least he has a frickin' personality.

Yes Ashley, Claire etc., I am talking to you.

At Friday, May 19, 2006 10:54:00 pm, Blogger Steph said...

No sympathy from me. He took to the insider task with GUSTO. He was thoroughly enjoying his insider status.
I agree he didn't have a choice, HOWEVER, the whole Rueben thing just put me off him. He was basking in the attention and loving the sympathy of the other hm's. The man adores the sound of his own voice, there was no need at all to lie so elaborately. I think it spoke volumes about his personality, and the type of person he is.

Say what you like about BB. When they signed the contract to enter the house, they signed their life away to Southern Star Endemol for SIX, yes SIX, months.
Tough shit Mikey, suck it up. This insider task allowed everyone to see him for the type of person he really is. Nobody FORCED him to behave the way he has. That was all his own doing.

Sorry Bevis, but i'm LOVIN' it.

Yes i'm a hardcore BB fan. Bite me!!

At Tuesday, May 23, 2006 4:09:00 pm, Blogger BEVIS said...

Noshie, you and Pomgirl should confer on the merits of UK BB and Aussie BB. So are there any comparisons of note yet? Are you enjoying it? Is it any good at all? What about that Davina chick?

John B, I know what you mean. Unfortunately, she's a product of her environment and upbringing (like anyone else is). However, if Krystal's going to go on a national reality TV show and try to flaunt herself for a job afterwards, then as her own mother said about Tilli kissing David, "I'm sorry, but she's gonna have to wear that". Krystal is vain and insipid. The only way she'll learn that now is for us to tell her. She entered the House voluntarily; so now she gets what's coming to her. She needs to know. (BTW, I'm surprised, after the 'Lake fiasco', that you wanted to go in to bat for Krystal at all!)

Elaine, no problem. :) Yeah, I'm starting to get the idea ... We're still friends, though - right?

Susanne, I agree. But shh! Too many others don't! (Actually, he's starting to act like an idiot now ... but that's probably because he feels certain that everyone hates him and is secretly nominating him. It mustn't be a fun position to be in - no one being honest with you, and BB [and the public] knowing the truth about what everyone else thinks and is saying about you. He can't get validation anywhere, and it must be doing his head in. I'd be expecting the worst of people, too, if it was me.)

Steph, fair enough. But I'd be taking the role 'with gusto', too. It'd be fun and you know I like a prank. I don't think he was loving the sympathy (he felt bad as soon as he saw David's reaction to the story, but he was committed to it by then), but I agree that he was basking in their attention. He needed them to pay attention so they'd nominate him, though. I still think he did in fact have to come up with a story the way he did, even if the subject matter is somewhat controversial now in hindsight. If he simply tried to annoy people, (1) he couldn't be sure it would be enough to get him nominated, and (2) he wanted to be able to remove the reason for his nomination the very next day, without people keeping their annoyance in mind throughout the following week when they nominated again. He didn't know BB would reveal him during the week, so he had to ensure that enough people decided to nominate him one week, but hopefully that none of them would do so again the following week. The best way to do that would be exactly the way he did it; come up with a sob story and then appear to 'come to terms with it' before the next week's nominations. No matter what the sob story he selected was, someone was bound to take it badly (father, son, mother, daughter, sister, brother, aunt, uncle ... someone's going to see a similarity to a real sob story of their own and take exception to it, but he had to choose something). The fact that he was happy to be safe from nomination is only natural, seeing he was working towards it and stewing over it all week. He talks a lot because we saw a lot of footage of him because he was the Insider. The editors put a lot of him in each show because he was keeping the public interested. And he speaks well and properly because he's educated; that doesn't necessarily mean he's an obnoxious pig in real life (note: I'm not saying he's NOT, either - I don't know him). All of that being said, however, the BB experience is an interesting one. Look at how much Katie and Jamie have been left alone by BB and allowed to have a fun holiday of romance together. Compare it to the time Michael's had. Not the same by a long shot. Therefore, by the very definition, it's not fair. Sure, they signed their lives away for six months and are BB's puppets to do with as he pleases, but we're talking about it being a fair game that any of them are meant to have an equal chance of winning. BB has made a point of leaving the Katie/Jamie romance to blossom on its own. Neither has been put forward as a potential Insider on either occasion that we've voted for one. That means they're on a relatively safe run, while Michael and now Jade are having a much harder go of it, with the public's opinion. I don't think the Insider task allowed us to see Michael how he really is at all. It manufactered a false Mikey who had to do strange stuff to survive in there, including manipulating and working against his fellow Housemates. People don't like being lied to, even when the reason seems fair on an intellectual level. Jamie would have done the same thing, if he'd never hooked up with Katie and was selected as the Insider. (Katie's too dumb to have handled it.) Michael was forced to act that way; that's the beauty of the whole psychological experiment that is Big Brother. The disembodied voice creates most of the chaos and havoc we see going on by gently nudging things in ne direction or another. It's subtle, but they know what they're doing. They set the cat among the pigeons quite a lot, and almost always get the reaction they're hoping for to make great TV.

But I still like you and I hope you don't hate me personally! No 'biting' will be required. I respect your opinion and would defend to the death your right to say it.

That is all.


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