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Monday, May 08, 2006

This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made

... And these are the five reasons I will rejoice and be glad in it:

(1) Old Man Clarry got married on Saturday, to a wonderful young lady. They make each other very happy and it was an exceptionally beautiful wedding and reception.

(2) Spankk and I were asked by Clarry himself to give a speech about him that seemed to go over quite well indeed (drunken people who didn't know either me or the groom - which is who we were roasting, of course - told me afterwards that I should take up a career of stand-up comedy).

(3) The wedding was in freezing-cold Canberra, but I am now safely home in good old, dependable Melbourne.

(4) These two women were evicted from the Big Brother house last night, as I had predicted (and hoped).

I'm just glad Michael didn't go. He's irritating to the other Housemates because he's The Insider and he's trying too hard to seem inconspicuous (which of course results in the opposite reaction from them, which in turn causes him to try even harder), but I want to see him stay in there for a long while yet. He's annoying, which is great, and I like the potential for chaos his secret role can bring to the show. I fear he will be nominated each week (unless he succeeds in gaining immunity through his secret sabotage), so I hope the public stays behind him like they did last night (his votes must have been the one shown on the graph that had heaps of eviction votes, but just as many 'save' votes, therefore keeping him safe).

and perhaps most significantly (sorry, Clarry!) ...

(5) This man finally won the Gold Logie!

Any Australian will be able to tell you how his trek to winning the Gold Logie has truly been. For twelve years he's played the lead role in this police drama series. It was finally axed earlier this year, and the last several episodes are currently playing out in the death-trap timeslot of 8:30pm Saturdays. For the past ten years straight, he's been nominated in the category of 'Most Popular TV Personality', and as he has been overlooked time and time again, his nomination has become a running gag with the Australian public. First it was embarrassing, then it took on a life all its own, and then it just became kind of insulting to the poor guy to be nominated all the time and be turned into a national joke.

This year, with the show axed and his next acting role (if any) uncertain, he was finally given the chance to win it on sympathy and sentimentality alone. The fact that the voting was changed this year from magazine coupons (that needed to be sent in) to SMS voting most definitely would have helped, although thirteen-year-old girls were probably more likely to vote for one of these other nominees. The campaign that a certain radio station ran for him to be elected must have worked in his favour as well - and I'm chuffed far beyond the level I expected of myself that he actually won it. For some reason, it made my heart swell with national pride. (Even though it is perhaps the 'dickiest' award you could ever win.)

(But what was up with this guy? I know he's a comedian and no doubt doing his best to be kicked out of the award ceremony so they could use the footage on their satirical ABC TV show, but really ... enough's enough, dude.)



At Monday, May 08, 2006 3:27:00 pm, Blogger Susanne said...

I like Michael. I'm glad the Tilly and Elise went too.

At Monday, May 08, 2006 9:55:00 pm, Blogger Jobe said...

Bah. Chas is great! Way to bring down society. I love it.

At Tuesday, May 23, 2006 3:02:00 pm, Blogger BEVIS said...

Susanne, they really weren't offering too much (or what they offered wasn't pleasant). I think it was best that they left first.

Jobe, as much as the clips Chas showed on The Chaser's War On Everything later that week were amusing (yes, I saw it and yes, I was amused), there's a limit to how much you should spoil someone else's night.

Anyway, the last thing the Logies can be said to represent is 'society'!


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