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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hawaii Post # 2


Well, here we are a few days after the previous post, so clearly I must have heaps to report on, right??


All we've done for the past three days is shop, swim, lounge around and eat.


(Alright, I'll stop yelling at you now.)

Actually, I guess I could show you a couple of carefully-selected photos from the trip so far, as long as we don't show anything too drastic ... like the photo (which you won't be seeing) of yours truly dressed up in my Borat 'mankini', swimming in the resort's pool -- much to the amusement of those around us, and the horror of my poor dear mother.

However, Grandma and Grandpa bought Sweetums a swimming outfit, complete with thongs (otherwise known as flip-flops, jandals, etc, depending on where you mail from), hat and cool little dark sunglasses. Sweetums absolutley loves his new 'sunnies', and wears them with complete and total 'attitude', as befits the tiny hunk that he is.

Want proof?

Click image for a larger view (you know you want to).

There's not much else to report at this point, aside from the fact that I'm the only one in our little troupe who's just loving American cuisine -- I always have and I always will -- so it's a good thing that my dear friend MelbourneGirl has left me a series of questions to answer ... some of which may be redundant as of my previous post, but I'll answer them all for her anyway, because that's just the kind of guy I am:


1. how was it?

So far so good! Hopefully these posts will help to elaborate on this answer as the week unfolds.

2. did you get my kiss from joshy boy?

Not yet, but we've still got another full day and night to spend on Oahu, so you'll have to wait and see! ...

3. can you tell us which island? o'ahu?

You've probably already gathered from the previous post (and my previous answer) that we spent one day in Oahu, then we're staying here on Kauai for five or six days before returning to Oahu for one final day and night.

4. if not, which?

Um, ... are you demented, woman??! Kauai! Pay attention!!

5. where did you stay can you tell us? i only ask because we were on o'ahu in november, and we stayed at ewa beach it was nice

The Point at Poipu while on Kauai; Aqua Aloha Surf (see here for an external shot) for the one night we'll be spending in Oahu (which is three blocks from Waikiki beach). The resort here in Kauai is absolutely glorious; utterly to die for ... I'll update you on Aloha Surf at the end of the week.

6. did sweetums enjoy his bucket and spade FINALLY?

He's used them a bit at the lagoon-style swimming pool here at the resort, but their 'sand' is really nothing more than very fine pebbles, so it doesn't exactly hold shape when using the bucket and spade stuff. We're off to visit the actual beach tomorrow (we've been taking it too easy to have bothered heading out that way yet -- and we haven't been in any rush anyway), so I'll let you know.

7. what el cheapo and tackoid souvenirs did you buy?

Hehe ... none yet to speak of, but they'll be coming! I've already seen some items I plan to buy later on, so they'll be fully documented here.

8. how was the weather?

So far, it's been perfect!!! Couldn't have been any better at all. Sunny and warm and clear skies and wonderful.

9. what did you eat? sushi?

Nah; it's been nothing but burgers and fries for me, meal after meal. :)

10. did you go to a luau? which one??

Not yet, but I'm hoping to get Wifey to one when we return to Honolulu, if not before. I've been to one with my family when we visited Hawaii in the 80s, so it's really only Wifey who absolutely has to attend one. But yes, it's a priority for me to take her to one. And Sweetums, too, if he's aware of what's going on.


Okay, that's it for me for today. I've got some postcards to send back home (the one to my workplace simply reads: "I'm in Hawaii. You're not."), so I need to get moving.




At Monday, March 31, 2008 2:38:00 am, Blogger Iris Flavia said...

Your colleagues do love you, huh?
:-))) Good one, have more fun in paradise!

At Wednesday, April 02, 2008 8:23:00 am, Blogger Colls Bolls said...

Welcome back!!

I've checked your blog so many times this year and gave up. I finally decided to check again today before deleting your site from my favs and THERE YOU ARE!!

Sorry I missed your dad's birthday post, will say "hi & happy birthday" for me & my man when you next see him. Sweetums is looking tres cool in his sunnies, Congrats on the new baby! That's great news.

At Wednesday, May 21, 2008 5:14:00 pm, Blogger kranki said...

Sure sweetums has some water wings but what about land wings. You can never be too careful.


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