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Monday, June 12, 2006


A fellow blogger sent me and a bunch of other bloggers (the contributors to this food blog) an email yesterday. He gave everyone the impression that he knew stuff about 'the real me' by doing a little basic research on the Internet:

"You'd be amazed what Google will turn up. I am."

Well, so am I, Chai. :)


For anyone who has wanted to know more about the man behind the small green frog, this is me. Wanna know how I can stay up until six or seven AM? Easy; I just pop a lot of these pills. I was once in a band. You can trust me with your money. Your kids will be safe here. Someone on the aforementioned food blog simply HAS to review this place soon (named after Yours Truly for dining there once). I'm considered a hero in some places of the world (find me for yourself here). And I do great things for humankind in my spare time. Here's something I knocked together a few years ago on a slow Saturday afternoon to ensure that respirators are functioning properly at all times.

Want to be near me? (You know you do!)

It's pretty cool, being me. I think you'd really enjoy it.



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